New 1.1.2 and 1.5.2 versions

The new versions are ready to be downloaded. In these versions you’ll find some bug fixes, some new console options, an updated langpack, the new “document properties” window and some enhancement.
The MacOS dmg archive will be available on Wednesday (1st of April).

New 2.0.0 alpha version out

Hi everybody,
I just released the first alpha test version of the branch 2 (both basic and enhanced). With this version you’ll find the two new visual plugins that will let you visually reorder pages of a PDF file, or visually compose a document by merging pages taken from other documents. All the visual things are based on the JPodRenderer library. It’s a test version and load/save environment functions don’t work yet but everything else should work. You’ll find also the new console where I added the -d option to the concat command to merge PDF files found in an input directory and I added the chance to set a starting value for the [FILENUMBER] prefix (Ex. [FILENUMBER13] or [FILENUMBER###13]). This version require a JVM 1.6.
Let me know your feedbacks

1.1.0 and 1.5.0e released!

Hi everybody,
I just released the new versions 1.1.0 and 1.5.0e of PDFsam basic and enhanced. In these versions you’ll find a bugfix that should reduce (hopefully a lot) OutOfMemory errors, the Alternate Mix module added to the basic version, a restyle of the plugins layout, some new complex prefix, three new console commands (decrypt, slideshow and setviewer) and updated langpack, looks and iText.
The enhanced version has three new modules to decrypt PDF files, extract attachments from a PDF file and set viewer options on a PDF file to tell the viewer application how it should open it (fullscreen, outline, single page, two pages …..).
Even if these versions have been built over the 1.0.3 (and 1.4.3e) they are not flagged as stable because there are a lot of new features and changes.


pdfsam 1.0.0 beta 1 and 1.4.0e beta 1 released

Hi everybody,
I released new versions of PDFsam (1.0.0 beta 1 and 1.4.0e beta 1). In these versions I fixed some bugs (documents are now loaded ordered), added a sort feature to the selection table (clicking on the table headers) and some other minor changes. The enhanced version now has all the new features of version 1.0.0 and some new feature (multiple file selection in pdf encrypt plugin, page selection in CoverAndFooter plugin..). These releases come (again) without win32 installers and without tutorials but I finally can start to work on it so, next release will have installers and updated documents.

I’d like to thank every user who sent me a feedback. It’s very important for me to know what works and what doesn’t so keep sending emails, forum posts, bug trackers and so on.

Feature requests:
I added to PDFsam any reasonable feature requested in these 2 years. I need to know what users need so please keep asking new features or improvements.


Basic version 1.0.0 alpha released

I released the new basic version 1.0.0 alpha. This is a complete refactoring of the basic version, a not stable test version. It needs to be tested and there’s no win32 installer, no tutorial and translations are not completed. It’s only for those braves who want to test it while I’m finishing working on the enhanced version, tutorials and so on.
In this version you’ll find a new console, new pdf split by size feature, new combo to chose output pdf version, fields to input passwords to open encrypted documents, save and load environments, config file can be placed in ${user.home}/.pdfsam, log4j logging window, encoded exception messages, new pdf merge page limit (n-) to merge pdf from page n to the end of the document and updated libraries.
As you can see there are a lot of new features and they need to be tested so please report any bug you find.
I’m waiting the new language model to be approved in Rosetta so you can’t translate to your preferred language using Rosetta for now but you can find the model to be downloaded from the resources section.

pdfsam basic 0.7 stable release 1

Hi everybody,
I released the new stable release of PDFsam basic (0.7sr1) with a bug fix, new langpack and some other fixes (layouts and focus policies).

pdfsam enhanced 1.3.0 stable release 1 out!

Hi, I released the new enhanced version of PDFsam. In this version you can find compression features, fixed focus policies and a fixed csv input for the console.

pdfsam 0.6b1 out!

Here we are again. I released the new version with some bug fixed, some new feature, a better GUI and so on. I think PDFsam is getting very complete and stable but please report any bug as usual… I made a lot of changes “inside” so there might be some bug.
Oh.. there’s also multi language support :). Now there are only 5 languages but every time a new language will be available in Rosetta I’ll release a langpack that’s is just a file you’ll have to overwrite in the PDFsam directory. I couldn’t wait anymore to release because I’ve a lot of work to do right now and I am sure you didn’t want to wait anymore 🙂