Hi everybody,
I just released the new version of basic and enhanced PDFsam. In this version almost all the libraries have been updates, 6 bugs have been fixed, the new pdf document metadata module has been added to the enhanced version (this module can be used to set pdf metadata like author, title, etc..) and some feature request has been implemented (DnD support on *nix systems, save/restore of the GUI settings when closing/opening PDFsam and saving the environment will save informations about the selected plugin).
I also created a thumbnails generation library using ICEpdf. This library can be plugged and used as thumbnails generation engine instead of the default JPodRenderer generation library.

The Mac OS dmg distribution will be ready soon.

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  1. It is so great that the application now remembers the last window and application setting! I have been looking forward to this feature for a long time.

    Thank you!

  2. Love this product. Eagerly awaiting the Mac release of the new version, the changes sound great, especially the ability to remember the status.

  3. I recently got the error: “The cross reference table contained some errors and has been rebuild” when I added a file.

    The merge failed when I tried to merge this file with another.

    Anybody know what was the cause of this merge failure?
    Can it be solved already or do I have to wait for a next version op pdfsam?

    1. It’s an iText message and it means that pdf document has some error in its structure. Some times iText is able to repair them but it seems it wasn’t yours. You could try saving a copy of it from Acrobat Reader or another application and merge this copy.

  4. Dear Andrea,
    I’ve used this before, painlessly, easily. Now it doesn’t work.

    With instructions received in 2009, I easily downloaded a version. Then I followed the instructions below to merge pdfs:
    1. Open pdfsam
    2. Click “Add”
    3. Choose documents, ordered as in final verson
    4. Click “browse” on the “Destination line
    5. choose folder, etc.
    6. Click “Run”

    Worked like a charm. With the current version I’m stymied at Step 2. There is no “Add” to click! I’m swamped, and lack the time to learn a new app right now. Is there a simple solution to this problem? If so, what are the step-by-step instructions to do this as easily as I did in the past? Otherwise it just isn’t worth investing time in something that doesn’t do easily what it professes to do.

    Thanks, I hope.


    1. The Add button should be there. Have you selected the “merge” plugin from the list on the right? I’d need some more information to figure out what is wrong but the merge plugin still works. Can you send me the log messages shown in the log window (bottom window of pdfsam)?

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for creating this very useful product. You know, I spent long time to find this type of freeware on web, so I’d like to to congratulate you.
    I use it to mix PDF documents and for the moment, the single problem I had was with PDFfile in version 1.2. Apparently, this PDF version is not supported by “the magic” PDF Sam. However, I process very big files.

    Bye and take care.

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