Version 2.1.0 and 2.1.0e

Hi everybody,
I just released the new version of basic and enhanced PDFsam. In this version almost all the libraries have been updates, 6 bugs have been fixed, the new pdf document metadata module has been added to the enhanced version (this module can be used to set pdf metadata like author, title, etc..) and some feature request has been implemented (DnD support on *nix systems, save/restore of the GUI settings when closing/opening PDFsam and saving the environment will save informations about the selected plugin).
I also created a thumbnails generation library using ICEpdf. This library can be plugged and used as thumbnails generation engine instead of the default JPodRenderer generation library.

The Mac OS dmg distribution will be ready soon.

Upcoming release

Hi everybody,
more than 2 months have passed since the last release but the next one is almost ready. With the next version all the enhanced users will have a new module to set pdf metadata (Title, Author..). For both basic and enhanced I spent some time implementing requests about the user interface like drag and drop support on Linux, save and load environments that saves and restores the selected module and finally, after many requests since the beginning of this project, the user interface will be restored every time you open/close PDFsam, this means the main window size, position, the 2 split panels and the selected plugin.
I want to really thank all those users who supported PDFsam (fortunately a lot) with money, ideas, suggestions, emails etc… you keep me working on it with enthusiasm.