How to flatten PDF files

Flatten PDF files with PDFsam Visual converting interactive elements into static content, ensuring document security and preventing easy editing or manipulation.

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How to add margin to PDF

When working with PDF files you can come across files lacking proper margins, which can be frustrating making reading and printing a hassle. Whether you need to print a PDF, annotate it, or simply improve the overall appearance, adding margins is a practical solution.

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PDFsam Basic version 5 released

we released the new major version 5 of PDFsam Basic. A lot of work has been done and many things changed compared to version 4, here is a summary:
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How to digitally sign a PDF

PDF signature is fast replacing the conventional handwritten ink-on-paper signatory process. You can legally attest to document contents and consent by simply inserting your signature electronically. PDF signatures save costs, speed up processes, and secures the authenticity of your documents.
A digital PDF signature makes use of a digital ID with a public and a private key and is best for your PDF documents security and to safeguard their integrity.

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How to organize PDF pages

Organize your PDF pages with PDFsam Visual. Drag and drop pages to sort them or move them, delete pages, add blank pages.

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How to delete blank page from a PDF

Sometimes you need to delete pages from PDF files. There are several tools that allow you to select the pages to delete in a more or less intuitive way and PDFsam Visual is one of them. Less frequently you may need to delete all blank pages in a PDF file, in this case there are not many tools that allow you to do this automatically, PDFsam Visual is one of them.

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