PDFsam Basic version 5 milestone release

we just released the first milestone of PDFsam Basic version 5. A lot of work has been done (and a lot of work is still needed), and since it is in a working state, we have decided to release it to gather feedback. Here is a summary of what we modified and added:
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PDFsam Basic 3.3.5 released!

We just released PDFsam Basic version 3.3.5 where we update the language pack, the PDF engine (Sejda) with a number of bug fixes and improvements and the Open button to directly open the generated PDF file (and not the containing directory) in case the task generates a single PDF file.

New Sejda v1.0.0.M9

Hi Guys,
we just released the new Sejda version. It’s probably the latest milestone before we go GA and most likely the version that will be included in PDFsam v3. It’s a chance for those of you using the command line interface (either the pdfsam-console or the sejda-console) to upgrade and test the latest features/fixes. We improved the prefix functionality and enriched the directory input for the pdf merge task with a regex to match pdf documents name.
For those of you using a Debian based Linux distribution (like Ubuntu) and willing to split and merge pdf documents form command line, we created a .deb package for the sejda-console, it can be downloaded from the project page here.

Pdf merge and bookmarks handling

few days ago we released a new version of Sejda and its command line interface. This new release has a nice feature regarding outline (bookmarks) handling during a pdf merge task that might be interesting for some of you. When you merge pdf documents, you can now tell Sejda what to do with the documents outlines, it can merge them as well (default behavior), it can discard them reducing the size of the merged pdf document or it can create a completely new outline with one entry for each merged pdf.
This is currently available using the sejda-console but it will also be included in PDFsam v3 and BTW I’m working very hard on the new version of PDFsam, I hope I’ll be able to give you something testable soon.

Plan for the future

Hi everybody,
first of all merry Christmas 🙂
I decided to write this post to keep you informed about the plan for the next release of PDFsam. After some thoughts I decided to rewrite PDFsam for the same reasons why me and Eduard developed Sejda completely rewriting the pdfsam-console. Here is a short list of the changes you can expect in the next release:

  • I’ll move the source code from SVN to Mercurial, most probably on BitBucket where I already have some project and I’m very happy with it.
  • I’ll mavenize the project to make it easier for developers to contribute and because I can’t stand those huge Ant scripts anymore.
  • Unattended installation
  • No more .pdfsam directory to store preferences
  • Sejda as core manipulation library which means a couple of new plugins (TIFF conversion, text extraction..) and some minor improvement to the existing ones.
  • I’ll most probably use some OSGi framework to improve modularity and it seems to perfectly replace the current plugin system. I’m still investigating this.
  • Finally a completely new layout. Someone once told PDFsam looks like a Ferrari engine on a old Lada chassis.. well, I agree and I’ll try to make it simpler, more usable and good looking.

It’s going to take a while but I hope the final result will be a pleasant surprise for most of you.


Finally Sejda has been released!

Hi All,
great news! After more then one year of development today we released Sejda!
You are probably asking “What the heck is Sejda?”. It’s a PDF manipulation layer written in Java. “uh?”. Ok, as many of you know I’ve been working on PDFsam for 6 years now and I realized at some point that the pdfsam-console (the component providing pdf manipulation capabilities to PDFsam) has some… mm… limitations.
Quoting Sejda FAQ:

I realized at some point that some of the design choices I made were unfortunate and the code base wasn’t inline with 2010 software development standards. PDFsam itself was/is working pretty well but maintenance was/is a bit of a hell so I made the choice, I started to rewrite the pdf manipulation logic with 5 years of experience on my shoulders and trying to keep a close eye on quality and best practices.

What are the advantages compare to the pdfsam-console?
Quoting again:

it has more features, it has a bigger team working on it (we are 2 now), it’s built trying to follow best practices from Joshua Bloch in Effective Java and Robert C. Martin in Clean Code, it’s easier to maintain and extend and it’s not tied to a single pdf manipulation library but it tries to take advantage of strength points of all of them

It’s not going to affect PDFsam in the short period but I’ll start to work on a new release using Sejda as manipulation library.

Now you may ask “why should I care NOW then?”. We developed and released a Command Line Interface together with Sejda called sejda-console. It provides a set of commands to manipulate PDF documents using all the features provided by Sejda and for all the ones of you using the pdfsam-console and brave enough to switch to the sejda-console, it may be a good opportunity to try it and give us back some feedback. To make it more interesting I have to say that the sejda-console provides some more functionalities compared to the pdfsam-console:

  • crop
  • pdf to tiff conversion (single or multiple output)
  • pdf to jpg conversion
  • text extraction
  • split by bookmark level where the bookmark matches a given regexp

We really hope to have feedbacks, opinions and suggestions from you, as you always did with PDFsam. You can find a lot of information, download link, javadocs etc at the Sejda webpage.

oh, of course Sejda is free and open source.

What in the future?

Hi everybody,
it has been a while since I wrote my last post and I want to keep you informed on what I’m working on. Since release 2.2 I started to work on a new project that will be the core library for PDFsam 3. This new project is a java library based on the pdfsam-console but written from scratch. The reasons why I’m rewriting the pdfsam-console are many but the most interesting for you users, I think is that this new library will be, hopefully, the core for an online version of PDFsam. Of course I’m still supporting PDFsam on the forum and I’ll fix bugs opened in these months and nothing changes at the moment, I just wanted to let you know what’s going on.