PDFsam Visual 4.1.0 released

We released the new PDFsam Visual 4.1.0. We upgraded the PDF engine with some small fixes, the render engine to its latest version, Electron to the next supported major release and we fixed an issue with tiling patterns in the Compress task.
You can download it from the Download page.

PDFsam Visual 4.0.4 is out!

We just released the new version 4.0.4 of PDFsam Visual. In this version:

  • Upgraded Electron
  • Upgraded PDF engine
  • Offline activation tokens now use anonymized username
  • Failing tasks now show the PDF file that was processing and failed
  • Improved handling of broken PDF files where the PDF engine has to perform a full scan of the PDF objects
  • We now handle correctly those files containing garbage bytes at the beginning

You can download it from the Download page.

PDFsam Visual 4.0.2 released

We released the new version 4.0.2 of PDFsam Visual. PDF engine and render engine have been updated. An issue affecting the Resize tool and the Merge tool when the Normalize checkbox was active has been fixed. Tiling patterns streams are now properly processed. You can download it from the Download page.

PDFsam Visual 4.0.1 released

We released the new version 4.0.1 of PDFsam Visual with a number of changes, mostly to the Organize pages and Images to PDF tools.
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How to scale or resize PDF pages

PDF files can vary a lot in page size. Sometimes it may be necessary to change the page size of a document, possibly resizing the page content to fit the new size

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New PDFsam Visual major version 4 released!

we have released the new version 4 of PDFsam Visual with a number of improvements, fixes and new features. The upgrade is free for subscription plan customers and for those who have a perpetual license valid for version 4 (key starting with PV4). PDFsam Visual can be downloaded from here and tested for 14 days, fully functional and without limitations.
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Black Friday deal for PDFsam Visual

it’s now live the Black Friday offer for PDFsam Visual, 40% off on perpetual and subscription licenses. Perpetual licenses purchased now are valid for the next major version 4.

PDFsam Visual 3.0.12 is out

We just released PDFsam Visual version 3.0.12. We upgraded the underlying PDF engine fixing an issue with Split and Extract pages tasks where a corner case could lead to a missing image in the resulting PDF.
You can download the latest version from the download page.