PDFsam Basic lets you easily split a PDF file into any number of PDF files, at no cost.

How to separate PDF pages?

PDFsam Basic is our free and open source application that lets you split a large PDF file into smaller ones with just a few clicks. You can split your PDF files on every page, set page numbers to split at, or divide every “n” pages. With PDFsam Basic you can also split a large file into several smaller ones or split based on bookmarks in the file. There are no file size or number limitations in PDFsam Basic and you don’t need an account or credit card details It’s completely free, secure and your files are not uploaded to any server, they are processed securely on your computer.

  1. Open the Split PDF tool
  2. Drag and drop or select the PDF file you want to split
  3. Set where you want to split the PDF file
  4. Select a directory where you want to save the generated PDF files
  5. Click Run
Split PDF files with PDFsam Basic

What name is given to the generated files?

In PDFsam Basic there are a number of placeholders that you can use to define the final name of your files. These placeholders are replaced by PDFsam Basic during the split process and determine the final filename. Some examples can be [FILENUMBER]_of_[TOTAL_FILESNUMBER] which will generate files with names like 1_of_35.pdf, 2_of_35.pdf etc.

View the pages where you want to split

PDFsam Basic is a very complete and flexible tool that can split a PDF file in many ways, but requires you to type the page number(s) to split at. You may want to view the pages of the PDF file and just click on the ones where you want to split at. In this case PDFsam Visual is the tool for you. The Split Tool in PDFsam Visual allows you to view thumbnails of pages and simply click where you want to split the PDF file.

Split PDF files with PDFsam Visual
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  1. Hi,

    your program is really helpful!

    I am wondering now:
    Is it possible to use PDFSAM to split [BURST] input PDF to many onepagers from CMD Line or Powershell? I have made some attempts but pdf was not splitted to my output directory. (it works fine from program directly but I would like to skip this manual part)

    Kind Regards,

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