Organize your PDF pages with PDFsam Visual. Drag and drop pages to sort them or move them, delete pages, add blank pages.

How can you rearrange PDF pages?

PDFsam Visual offers a quick and easy tool to rearrange PDF pages with just a few clicks. You can organize pages by changing their order, adding pages from other PDF files, deleting pages, adding blank pages and even adding images as new pages. Your files are processed locally on your computer, away from prying eyes.

  1. Open the Organize pages tool
  2. Drag and drop or select the PDF file you want to rearrange
  3. Move the page thumbnails to set the desired order
  4. Click Save
Organize PDF pages with PDFsam Visual

Additional features

In addition to rearranging the pages of PDF files, you can use the Organize pages tool to add blank pages, rotate pages and add pages from other PDF files or add images (.png, .tif, .jpg, .webp, .avif. ..) that PDFsam Visual will automatically convert to PDF.

Sort pages

There a different ways to sort PDF pages using PDFsam Visual:

  • Rearrange pages manually by drag and dropping thumbnails to the desired order
  • Reverse all pages order
  • Select a subset of pages and reverse them
2 Replies to “How to organize PDF pages”
  1. I get a file with different invoices on each page, kindly advise if sorting can base on the invoices to new page sequence? Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi,
      if you would like to sort based on some data inside the pages, I’m afraid we don’t have that feature. I will add it to our backlog to be evaluated.

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