New release 5.2.2 for PDFsam Basic

We released the new version 5.2.2 of PDFsam Basic where you can find:

  • JDK 21.0.2
  • JavaFX 21.0.2
  • Sejda 5.0.13
  • Updated translations
  • Updated dependencies
  • Fixed #569: dragging to the edge of the selection table automatically scrolls
  • Fixed #507: added the ability to drop files between rows of the selection table

Get the new version here.

PDFsam Basic version 5 released

we released the new major version 5 of PDFsam Basic. A lot of work has been done and many things changed compared to version 4, here is a summary:
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PDFsam Basic 4.3.4 released!

we just released the new PDFsam Basic 4.3.4 where we upgraded the bundled Java Runtime to version 11.0.17, we upgraded the PDF engine and translations. You can download this version from the download page.

PDFsam Basic 4.3.1 released

we released the new version of PDFsam Basic where we upgraded translations and PDF engine.
We improved the handling of broken PDF files where the PDF engine has to perform a full scan of the PDF objects and we now handle correctly those files containing garbage bytes at the beginning.
As usual you can download it from the download section.

Released PDFsam Basic version 4.2.6

The new version 4.2.6 of PDFsam Basic is out. In this version we upgraded all the translations and the bundled Java version to the latest 11.0.12. You can download it from the download page.

PDFsam Enhanced 7 is out!

we released the new PDFsam Enhanced version 7 with a completely new and improved user interface! In this version you will also find the new Pro + OCR Advanced with a new and better OCR engine. We have also fixed a number of issues and implemented new user-reported features.

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PDFsam Basic 4.1.4 released

We just released the version 4.1.4 of PDFsam Basic. In this release we upgraded the bundled JDK to the latest Adopt OpenJDK 11.0.8, we have updated Sejda to its latest version with few bug fixes. We also updated the translations and fixed few bugs.
You can get it from the download page.

PDFsam Visual 2.1.3 released

The version 2.1.3 of PDFsam Visual has been released few days ago. In this release we fixed few issues in our PDF engine and we modified the Customize result names fields so that the latest value used is automatically saved and automatically restored on the next run . You can get it from the download page.