We just released the new version 5.2.0 of PDFsam Basic. In this version:

  • JDK 21.0.1
  • JavaFX 21.0.1
  • Sejda 5.0.11
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed #516 a sorting issue with some special characters in some locale
  • Fixed #532 default working directory to have precedence if set and to be used in case of relative output paths
  • Closed #538 to add a default prefix value that can be set via sys prop and MSI property
  • Closed #555 to add a default PDF version that can be set via sys prop
  • Fixed #561 so clickable links works on Linux
  • Fixed an issue with the MSI installer that was re-adding configuration lines in case of repair, change etc

Get the new version here.

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