we recently released the new version 5 of PDFsam Visual with few new tools and a number of improvements and fixes. The upgrade is free for subscription plan customers and for those who have a perpetual license valid for version 5 (key starting with PV5). PDFsam Visual can be downloaded from here and tested for 14 days, fully functional and without limitations.

Flatten forms

A new tool to flatten PDF forms has been added. It can transform editable form fields and, optionally, the entire content of pages into a static format, preventing any easy modification or manipulation.

Extract images

We have added a new tool to extract all images from a PDF file and save each of them as a separate file.

PDFsam Visual extract images

Convert PDF to images

We have added a new tool to convert PDF files to images specifying color type, resolution and output format.

PDFsam Visual convert PDF to images

Other changes

  • All frameworks and libraries have been updated with the latest security fixes
  • Compress tool can now subset TrueType fonts
  • Menus are now localized
  • Some fields are now persistent and automatically restore their latest value
  • [IMAGE_NAME] and [TEXT] placeholders can optionally be piped with string transformations. Ex. [TEXT | upper], [TEXT | lower], [TEXT | capitalize], [TEXT | replace('this', 'that')], [TEXT | upper | replace('this', 'that')]
2 Replies to “PDFsam Visual 5.0.0 released!”
  1. Dear Sirs, I have a PV4 perpetual licence. Is this new version av ailable free of charge to me also or not?

    1. No, perpetual licenses valid for version 4 require a new key. You can write to us using the contact module to get a 30% discount on the upgrade

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