few days ago we released a new version of Sejda and its command line interface. This new release has a nice feature regarding outline (bookmarks) handling during a pdf merge task that might be interesting for some of you. When you merge pdf documents, you can now tell Sejda what to do with the documents outlines, it can merge them as well (default behavior), it can discard them reducing the size of the merged pdf document or it can create a completely new outline with one entry for each merged pdf.
This is currently available using the sejda-console but it will also be included in PDFsam v3 and BTW I’m working very hard on the new version of PDFsam, I hope I’ll be able to give you something testable soon.

2 Replies to “Pdf merge and bookmarks handling”
  1. Hi Andrea,
    I’m using the command line tool to merge and add bookmarks.
    Worksvery good.
    Thanks for the good work.


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