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  1. Andrea, I just downloaded this for OSX, and I’ve had to update to Java SE 7 for other applications. PDFsam 2.2.4 doesn’t seem to run with SE 7. I am prompted to check for Java SE 6 and when I click on the “Install” button, I get a “Can’t download the software because of a network problem” error. I suspect the problem is really because I have Java SE 7 installed. Is there a work around?

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I get a similar answer with this error message:
      Um „PDFsam Basic 2.2.4.app“ öffnen zu können, muss die alte Java SE 6-Runtime-Version installiert werden.
      Klicken Sie auf „Weitere Infos …“, um die alte Java SE 6-Website zu öffnen.
      But I do not want to install the old Java SE 6 runtime version.
      What can I do to make PDFsam work on my Mac with OS X 10.10
      Pls advise,

    2. Hi,

      I have the same problem as Thomas.

      With PDFSAM 2.2.4 for MacOSX (running 10.9.5) I have Java SE 8 update 25. When starting PDFSAM I get a Software Update box that says “To open PDFsam basic 2.2.4 you need a Java SE 5 runtime. Would you like to install one now?.”

      I would rather not install an old version of Java if I can help it.

    3. I also have the same problem as Thomas. I indeed have a newer java installed on my Mac and PDFsam complains that I need java 6 (I have the latest Java SE 8). It then proposes me to download the older version, but the link gets me to a blank page… and anyway, I don’t really want to get back to an old version.

      Any solution found since the previous post?
      I used to use PDFsam on Windows at my previous work and would really like to be able to use it on my Mac at home…

      Thank you!

      1. If this app has no feasible way to run on any specific version of Java (say 7.67 for example) … what split and merge tools would you recommend for a WIN10 user dying to have this tool?

  2. hi and thanks for your wonderful program. i use to this program but our i.t. guy told me malwarebytes and comodo founds virus and trojan. is this true. thanks again and have a nice day.

    1. No, it’s not.
      If you look at the download page the first line states that “The installer may include advertisement offers to finance further development”. The installer doesn’t contain any virus or trojan, it just asks you if you want to install a third party offer, you can decline or accept and go on with the PDFsam installation. Also in the download page you can find a link to the GitHub page of PDFsam where you can download the MSI installer without any offer included, plain and free.

  3. Hello,

    I want to start out with that I love the work you have put out here. I am currently using this in an Engineering field for checking drawings.
    When writing comments using “Note” or “Callout” … it would very helpful if I can use Alt Codes (symbols and character computer keyboard codes). Such as “Alt + 0177” is for “±”. Is there a possibility this could be added some how?

    Thanks in advance for your help, and sharing this work with us…

  4. Hi Andrea,

    I’ve just downloaded the latest version but the rotation issue still happens.

    Thanks in advanced for your help.

  5. Brilliant piece of software. Addresses a real user issue well. Thanks for the updates and bug fixes.

  6. Excellent job! I really appreciate your efforts it saved me so much time and so much paper that I put together a 40 page document from 8 different sources, it was amazing to see it all seamlessly stitched together. I’m a Mac user. Keep up the great work, thanks!! 🙂

  7. Wow, with all these adwares and crap you want to install on people’s machines through your setup, it really discouraged me from installing your software at all. I was too scared some adwares would get installed even if I declined all (I think) of them.

    I understand you need to make money out of your work, but really, considering the exagerating amount of adwates you have placed in your installer and how hard it is for someone to understand and decline them, this is a scam.

    1. Oh sorry, I think I clicked on one of your ads on the right of the page, which led me to another PDF software, full of adwares. I thought it was yours but it was not. My bad. Hopefully you made money out of my click on that banner.

      1. I understand ads are a bit annoying and make PDFsam look a little less professional but I try to keep things as clean and user friendly as possible. The installer can be downloaded in the Download section where it is explained that offers may be included, a link for the users to download an offer free MSI installer is provided. Bundled offers can be skipped with a “Skip” button or unticking the checkbox.
        Those annoying ads are the reason why PDFsam is still alive and completely free. I experimented other monetization strategies like donations (BTW currently you can pay 1€ and get the enhanced version with additional features and no installer offers) and none of them brought enough money to make PDFsam a sustainable business.

  8. I like PDFsam very much. Maybe a frontpage and index should be a nice extra?
    index: list of filenames, options: strip “.PDF”; page numbers

  9. Hi I have MACOSX 10.6.8 Great program! I downloaded it and immediately used it successfully on many documents, but when I went back to use it the next day, I clicked on it and it stalled loading.

    It froze up, and I could not use the exit button

    16:43:51, 522 INFO: Getting language
    16:43:51, 546 INFO: Setting look and feel…
    16:43:51, 582 INFO: Setting logging level….
    16:43:51, 584 INFO Thumbnails size set to 270
    16:43:51, 588 INFO: Thumbnails high quality tru
    16:43:51, 735 INFO:Logging Level se to DEBUG

    I shutdown and restarted several times but it always stalls out. Any help
    appreciated! Thanks, Vai

  10. Really nice and important tool.
    The rotation worked for me nice – in the 2.2.2
    I´ll also try the new one to check it.

  11. OK I have downloaded and extracted the zip file. Which file do I open to install the application?

  12. I’m installing PDFsam (Thank you… our purchased Acrobat program has difficulty with Windows 7) and I avoided the ad/toolbar (Thanks for that headsup too!). Now it’s asking me to run PDFsam and/or Soda PDF. What’s the Soda PDF? Note: All I need is to rearrange an existing pdf or add/subtract pages from an existing pdf.
    Thank you.

    1. It’s a commercial partner software that allows to view PDF documents and has modules to perform some operations on PDF docs like edit, convert, OCR etc. As far as I can tell you can do what you need with just PDFsam but if you are curious just search for Soda PDF on Google, you should find all the information you need.

  13. I was looking for the option to set the metadata of the merge result document (Title, Subject, Author) but could not find it. If such a feature exists, it should be more clearly visible.

  14. Hi
    I am having an issue when I drag into PDF split it mixes up the order of the files. Is there a way to turn off the sort by file feature?

    1. Hi Julie,
      could you give me more details about your operating system, PDFsam version and plugin you are using? I tested it on my machine and it works as expected, dropped files are added in the same order they were dragged.

  15. I just installed the basic version, but maverick 10.9.4 directly told me that the program is damaged and have to be placed in the trash bin. donno why, can’t open it at all.

  16. excellent tool, this was great finding this site, I like that it is said if we get zip bundle we don’t have to download anything

  17. Andrea, thanks for creating this software! Between this utility and foxit’s free PDF commenting reader, there’s no need to spend $400 (US) on Adobe Acrobat Pro! It’s a REAL necessity too, because more and more texts are in PDF format, and I need to be able annotate as I read them.

  18. I just installed this software which I have used and enjoyed many times in the past. I find that the installer is dishonest however. I selected the custom install and made sure that everything was unchecked. The installer nevertheless installed a new “security” extension in chrome. Perhaps I should have read the comments first to find the information about the sourceforge version, but this is still ridiculous.

    1. Hi Jared, I am sorry for the issue, I will investigate with our partner managing the installer to understand if there is something wrong. We try to make some money to support PDFsam keeping things as clear as possible. In the download page the very first line says, bold, that the installer might be bundled with third party offer and you can skip them using the skip button; few lines below, bold, you find “MSI installers without third party offers” and the link to download them, so all the information we think important are there, in the very first lines of the most accessed page of the site.

  19. I have the same problem as “asphoa”, Mac OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) says downloaded 2.2.4 dmg file is damaged and pushes it to Trash.
    Been using pdfsam 2.2.1 successfully on Mavericks.
    Your reply saying “Check this it should solve your issue” has no link whatsoever and doesn’t resolve the problem.
    Tried downoading from Github and Sourceforge; both have same “damaged” file.
    Please explain how to get undamaged file available. Thank you.

  20. Hello Andrea,
    Thanks for your affords to make this program.
    I made a big file with the program and after that I tried to delete some pages.
    When I loaded the file in grafic ordening the program started with loading the pictures of the pages but after some 500 or so the program was not reacting anymore..
    The file is 105802 kB with 1649 pages.
    Many regards,

  21. Hey, the download file for Mac is damaged. I cannot install it and there’s an error message saying that the file is broken. Can you fix it please? Older versions of the program were always perfect 🙂

  22. hi there…
    i just downloaded PDF Split and Merge 2.24.. But it can’t work.. i can’t even open the application after the installation.

    Pls advise.. thanks…

  23. Hello Andrea,

    Wonderful and effective program. I just made a donation and downloaded the enhanced version – my first use as I did not download the evaluation version. I have written software in the past too.

    Is there an option in the merging process to create a list of bookmarks to make an easy reference?

    My current project is to merge 79 drawing files for reference in a safety meeting next Thursday, November 11. I need to instantly get to any drawing real time during a meeting with about 12 people. I can add manually, and will with Foxit but an automatic generation would be helpful.

    Thank you.

    Cliff Farris

  24. Hi Andrea, it is really a great piece of work. I really really love your program. Thanks to you for having it FREE. Goodness means! I forgot to introduce myself. I am a Professor from India. I am also a IT professional. Thanks to you once again.

  25. Hi, is there are 64-bit version available? Looks like 2.2.2 had a 32 and 64-bit option. I don’t see that for 2.2.4? Thanks!

  26. A suggestiong that would be nice to have. With your split PDF command, it would be nice if you had the choice of adding a prefix or suffix. The suffix would be more useful!

    Thanks for all your work!

  27. PDF Split and Merge (standard) runs just nicely in OpenJDK on an eComStation (OS/2) machine. But please update the requirements, you really need a little more memory than 256Mb, the program itself reports 371Mb. Thanks for the program

  28. Just installed 2.2.4 Mac DMG. Wonderful! Thanks! I was struggling with using Preview for merging, but the latest version seems to do funny things. With no Quartz filter at all, the result is MUCH larger than the sum of the piece file sizes – which is absurd. With file size reduction filters, I can sometimes do better, but quality suffers, and Preview sometimes does funny things like folding the new result file into the first of the piece files.

    Is there somewhere a tutorial on the new version ?

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