PDFsam v3 is finally out! Few bug fixes, new website, new MSI for Windows and DMG for MacOS. This is the first stable release where everything that was in version 2.x has been rewritten and hopefully everything is better. As I said before this release doesn’t include visual modules, we are currently working on them (the old ones and many new ones) and we are also working on a new application that will include them.
As you can see PDFsam Enhanced is now our commercial offer, a flexible and powerful fully fledged PDF editor the we provide in partnership with Lulu Software and that will be the commercial companion supporting the free and open source PDFsam Basic.

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  1. Hi, I was really excited when I saw that version 3.0.0 was finally out. I open it, and the UI looks gorgeous, everything seemed very well done and packed.

    But suddenly, I discover you removed the Visual Document Composer, the Visual Reorder and the Extract modules.

    That disappointed me so much I uninstalled the new nice looking version 3.0.0 that lacks fundamental tools as the Visual Composer, and I installed again the version 2.2.4.

    Seriously, how do you expect us to update the software if the new version comes with less features and is worse?

    PD: thank you for the 2.2.4 version, that is an amazing piece of software.

  2. Hi, yes, we removed the visual modules and, I said that few times already, we are working on a new PDFsam version that will include the old visual modules plus many more (split, rotate, etc) and will probably require a small fee to buy it. All the undergoing changes are done with the purpose of creating a sustainable business model for PDFsam so that we can provide a quality product and support, thing that we can’t do if we remain in the “spare time project” area. That said we invested the past 2-3 years working on the new UI, the new PDF engine, the new command line tool (sejda.org) and the new web interface (sejda.com) to reach the point where we can offer A LOT of free features through the open source PDFsam Basic, sejda-console and the web interface sejda.com.
    It is true we removed the visual modules in v3 but it’s also true we added features… you can now discard AcroForms or bookmarks while merging, you can create a new bookmark tree with one entry for each merged file, you can merge AcroForm fields renaming them or add blank pages while merging. Split by bookmarks provides an optional regex matching and split by size is now more accurate. There are also usability improvements to open results with the default reader, duplicate rows and others all around the application, all of them are implementations that were requested by the users and we added. The sejda-console we provide now has tons of PDF tasks that the previous pdfsam-console didn’t have and all the visual features are available as a free web service through sejda.com.
    So I don’t think PDFsam Basic v3 is worse and has less features, it surely lacks the 2 visual modules for which you can use the web interface or wait for the new application once is ready, but I think it brings a lot of new PDF related and usability features.
    I hope we will be ready with the visual modules soon but I think it will still require some time.

  3. I also was very disappointed to see the visual document reorder and composer options. That was the best part. I am confused if they are part of the Enhanced version. It is not clear on the website however from what I can tell if it is there is it not as smooth as the old one.

    On the Enhanced version if you buy on level do you get everything from the previous level? In general i prefer one of those tables that shows you a simple comparison of what you get per version of a product.

    Also on the Enhanced web pages you may want to check the the pricing and labels….
    Convert level shows $9.99
    Edit shows $29.99
    Insert shows “Standard Package $49.99”
    Review Shows Pro Package at $49.99 ….. ALSO
    Forms is Pro Package $49.99

    something seems confusing

  4. For me too, the Visual Compositor is the module that I used 99% of times.
    I think SAM v3.0 is just 1% useful than version 2

  5. Same here, Visual Composer and Visual Reorder were the main features of 2.2.4 (for me and friends). There are many other tools for rotating pages, comment, draw, etc… I’m sorry for all the fancy UI efforts and added functions, but I uninstalled 3.0.0 immediately and went back to 2.2.4 (Thanks a lot for that one!!!). Form follows Function 😉

  6. Same here visual composer and visual reorder were very useful and marked PdfSAM out from the herd, an essential part.
    You know your business best but I would have thought a small charge for the complete package would generate more than the more expensive pick and mix.

  7. For many years PDFSAM has been an indispensable tool for me to handle PDFs. Its’s hard for me to say, but I also don’t like your new version for the same reasons, as already mentioned above – I’ve directly removed the new version without further testing. And nearly $50 for the standard-version seems a little bit too much – there are a lot of other things I could buy for this money. No harm meant

  8. I have tried your new PDFSAM 3.x. And I have deinstalled it after the fourth try to work with PDF Doc as usually with Versions 2.x. THere is no way to find out, which function will be in Basic, in Enhanced but free. Or have I to buy this function or just to registrate. If I work with Documents, I have to work with them and I do not have time to learn about your pricebook.
    Make it clear for what I have to pay and for what not. Then I possibly will give it a new try. Otherwise I stay with the old Version as long as my OSses will support it.

  9. need to re-order a pdf document, the only reason I ever had pdf same

    cant seem to do it anymore, not even in the enhanced version

    will find another product

    or can anyone tell me how to get the old version please?

  10. Removing the new version and going back to the old version since Visual Reorder is not included in the new version.

  11. Removed the new release and reverted to 2.2.4
    I was very excited when I saw the new release but I become very disappointed when I realized that the visual reorder (top feature of 2.2.4) was removed

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