Among the other things in this version we fixed an issue preventing PDFsam to start on Mac, an issue with the page selection in the selection table, we added a new and less intrusive news panel and we added the Windows MSI package. The Mac DMG package coming soon!
You can download it here

7 Replies to “New v3.0.0.M4 ready!”
    1. The support forums have been taken offline for the moment and I’m not sure if they will came back online, perhaps in a read only mode as soon as the new website is ready. I couldn’t find a reliable way to avoid spam and I was spending a fair amount of time to keep them clean. There are plenty of better ways to communicate, the GitHub issue tracker can be used to ask questions and discuss issues, Superuser can be used to ask questions related to PDFsam usage and Stackoverflow for programming related questions, we keep those sites monitored on PDFsam and Sejda tags, they are spam free and it’s way more likely that you get answers from other users.

  1. I purchased the 2.2.1e version. Is there any chance to upgrade it, or I need to buy the new version?
    Thank you in advance for your kindness,

  2. I have a suggestion. When merging PDF, you may add an automated function to use the first file name as the output file name after merging. This actually improve the overall user experience.

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