We just released the new version 3.0.1 where you can ind a new merge bookmarks policy to create one entry for each merged document and add the document bookmarks tree to that entry. Improved notifications, some error message and tooltip/hint systems. Fixed few bugs in the UI and in the PDF engine. Updated translations.
Here is the list of what has changed.
You can find all the available bundles in the download section.

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  1. I am running pdfsam 2.2.4e enhanced alongside pdfsam 3.0.0 basic. I attempted a 3.0.1 install and discontinued on noting the update wanted to handle both the enhanced and basic install. Please advise if the 3.0.1 will maintain the licensed feature list of 2.2.4e or will there be loss of functionality?

  2. While pdfsam as been for a good while part of my ”computer basic install kit” with stuff (when I put my IT admin hat) such as firefox,libreoffice, vlc, 7zip, etc I do have some concerns about the ”new” version.
    What is the license of pdfsam enchanced? What part of the code is opensource and which part is not (if any)?

    While I totally agree with your stance of moving beyond a hobby project, you need to remember that pdfsam success was based on being opensource. For a few years I have been trying to weed out Adobe acrobat from my business so I always checked pfdsam every few months. Before, I could not ask any user to learn pdfsam basic UI. Now that sort of changed with pdfsam enchanced.

    What I would like to see is a 100% opensource pdfsam enchanced with paid modules (oh and linux support). No matter the price, i do NOT want to start tracking every install and licence. For users requiring more advanced functionnalities, I would happily pay the requested price for the pro version.
    As said before, my only reason to give money for pdfsam is to patron the improvement of the opensource version. If not, I would just save some time and keep sending money to Adobe…

  3. Hi Mathieu,
    I added some link and some FAQ entry to make things clearer. PDFsam Enhanced is closed source (you can now find the EULA link in the page footer) and it’s not based on our open source libraries, it’s the child of a partnership we had with Lulu software, it’s a full PDF editor that complements PDFsam Basic open source functionalities. We tried a lot of different monetization strategies and this is the only one that so far worked for us and that allows us to be 100% on PDFsam. We are very committed to open source https://github.com/torakiki and we created and actively develop a lot of open source projects like sejda, sejda-io, event-studio and SAMBox that we use in PDFsam Basic and sejda-console, both open source, in http://sejda.com and soon in the closed source PDFsam Visual which we developed.
    We struggled to find a reliable and sustainable model that would allow us to be full open source but we couldn’t find one and we settled for a compromise that allows us to develop and grow our open source solutions while also brings values to the user through great closed source offers.
    I’d be happy to discuss further if you like… we also evaluated a solution where PDFsam would be an open source container for free or paid modules but we thought it too ambitious for our current “development power”… perhaps in the future if we manage to grow a bit, anyway we too like that idea.

  4. Well, guess its kind of sad to know that it is mainly a rebranded Soda PDF…
    If you are looking at some expansion opportunity, to my knowledge, there is no pdf viewer in linux that allows you to do advanced form filling. I’m sure the French Gendarmerie, The city of Munich, and other large gov linux users could be interested in being able to fill their own stupid documents…

  5. Hola!! tras probar en varias ocasiones la nueva version de PDF Sam, quiero comentaros que no es nada funcional, antes la Version 2 funcionaba muy bien y estaba encantado con ella, despues de intentar trabajar con esta nueva version de aspecto mas agradable, ha perdido la opcion de compositor visual y se bloquea muy frecuentemente cada vez que intento abrir un desplegable, he provado en varios PC con Windows 10.

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