I just released the first milestone for PDFsam v3. The workspace missing feature has been implemented together with few bug fixes and some useful user suggestions. Platform specific installers are still missing but you can test it anyway, just unzip the bundle and run it using the provided script in the bin subdirectory. Feel free to report any issue here and remember, it requires Java 8.

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  1. Hi,

    The new GUI is great. Thanks.

    I’ve just a little problem on file naming when splitting a pdf. The tag [FILENUMBER] give 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 … and when I try to reorder by name when merging these files the order is false. It would be interesting if [FILENUMBER] give 01,02 … if number of pages between 10 and 99, (001, 002 … if number of pages between 10 and 999) etc.


    1. Use [FILENUMBER##] in stead; it yields File_01, File_02, etc..
      Or [FILENUMBER##5] if you want pdfsam to start numbering the first file as File_05.

      Just add as many # signs to hold the largest number that you will extract.
      Sorting will be a mess if you follow the rule you suggested for windows will sort on ascii number:

      Order Filename

      1 File_10
      2 File_100
      3 File_2
      4 File_20
      5 File_200
      etc. <td:

      Take a look at the https://pdfsam.org/customize-file-names/ for more details.

      By the way, I would suggest to add prefix keywords for [NUMPAGES] and [LASTPAGE] of each document being extracted. The might come in handy. Thanks Andrea Vacondio for such a fantastic program!

  2. Congrats for your great work,

    I work with it often, that’s why I gave my contribution.

    Simple question, I’m using the “visual composition” on 2.2.4e, but I didn’t see that module in the v3.
    Is it forecast to implement it ? I found it very useful, and I think to stay on 2.2.4e if not. (which is good enough for me !)

    Thank you

    1. I also would love to see grafical or visual composition/reorder of pdfs (for all platforms)

      that is best functionality of 2.2.4 which I use often

      i would love to see it in v3 – than i will send my contribution because finally the program would work as I expect it to (thats worth paying for)

  3. I’m really grateful for your work, software is so useful. Unfortunately, installer is full of malwares and I had lot of problems to clean my computer after installation. Please, check it and change, it unpleasant astonishment.

  4. Andrea, first thank you for the good work done with this great program. However, as you have noticed several people already, Free installation program has several viruses, which can jeopardize all the good work done and many other people; I recommend that you check the file in the current free version (2.2.4) and correct it possible problems you may have. Thanks and regards.

    1. There is currently no installer for Windows or Mac, only the zip bundle is available. It is possible to run it on every platform with Java 8 unzipping it and using the provided scripts in the bi subdirectory.

    2. I’m sorry, but I’m lost here: how do I use “the provided scripts in the bin subdirectory” to run PDFSAM 3.0 on a Mac?

      Any help welcome.

      Thank you in advance.

      1. Once you unzipped PDFsam on your disk you’ll have a directory called something like “pdfsam-3.0.0.M1” and inside it another one called “bin”. If you open the “bin” you can find the pdfsam.sh script that can be execute to run PDFsam.

  5. I do really love pdfsam so I was thrilled when I read about the new release. But I am missing the visual reorder, was it removed in 3.x?

    1. Visual modules are not yet implemented but I wanted to start testing PDFsam v3 as soon as possible so I started publishing it even without them. They will be implemented at some point.

  6. Andrea, thank you for the good work!
    I made a contribution to the translation into Russian. I tried several times to compile PDFsam M1or M2 (WinXP, JDK8, Maven 3.2.5) with renewed ru.po as described on GitHub but each attempt ended with errors. With v.2.2.4e (and Ant and NSIS) before I not have problems 🙂
    Can you tell where it may be a mistake? Or correct Maven command?

  7. Just discover this project. Seems to be really efficient and performant looking on features.
    Do You know if This could work in Windows 2012 RDS environment?

  8. Hi.

    Your software is great, but it’s missing one key feature which is the ability to extract a range of pages from a pdf file.

    In PDF Sam 2.2.4 you have merge and extract put together on a tag but the extract part doesn’t work.

    Do you plan on adding the extract function to the free pdfsam?


    1. I do apologize for the previous post, indeed I found out how to extract in both 2.2.4 and version 3 and it works.


  9. I certainly like the looks of 3.0, but the Visual Document Composer is the feature I use almost exclusively. Hopefully that’s planned for a future release of 3.0.

  10. i very like this sotware, with this software my work more easy and efficient.
    i try to use pdfsam v 3.0, and i lost visual Reorder and composer because this feature is very important to me.
    thank to great work mister..

  11. Just built verison 3 M1 (the screenshot looks great, and the JavaFX tests were fine) but got an error while trying mvn exec:java on linux:

    [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project pdfsam-community: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.pdfsam:pdfsam-community:jar:3.0.0.M1: Failed to collect dependencies at org.pdfsam:pdfsam-gui:jar:3.0.0.M1: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.pdfsam:pdfsam-gui:jar:3.0.0.M1: Failure to find org.pdfsam:pdfsam-parent:pom:3.0.0.BETA-SNAPSHOT in https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories

    this is really great program, and i want to try the new verison , can you help me solving the maven error? maybe some repo is missing.

    1. You need to build it and install in your local repo first with
      mvn clean install
      but now it’s a bit unstable because I’m in the middle of some work, you can also try
      mvn clean install -DskipTests=true

  12. Great job Andrea!
    I user the version 2 for a long time and now I tried the version 3.
    They both work very well, but in ver.3 I miss a lot the “visual document composer” that I used in ver.2.
    I wonder you’ll implement it in a short time, because it’s a “must have” function for your program.

    A little donation has been done for you and your good job.

    Thank you and bye!

  13. I am a long time user of 2.x and was excited to hear about v3.

    However, there does not appear to be any option to download anything in the Downloads menu.

    Over a SourceForge, only 2.2.4 is available.

    Can you please advise where I can get this?

  14. The download page on this website doesn’t appear to have any link to a download??
    Which is strange to start with, however I eventually found the download file only through a link in the first message from you in this conversation above.
    I downloaded the file and ran the application, however it doesn’t install anything??
    It seems to just run as it is and not install?
    I also used to always run the program via a right click on any pdf and ‘open with’ however this doesn’t appear to work with the new version??
    I have used previous versions and they were great.

    1. PDFsam v3 is still under development and is available to those users willing to test it, that’s why there is no download link yet and also why there is no installer, it’s not stable yet. Visual and enhanced modules are not yet implemented. To run it you can use the script in the bin folder and you need Java 8 on your machine.

  15. also – visual document composer and visual document reorder were fantastic parts of version 2 that I used regularly. I hope that you bring these back into the new version – i can’t seem to see them on first look??

  16. Thank you for this very cool piece of software, it’s very handy and v3 looks awesome.
    For some reason I can’t register to the forum, so, sorry but, I’m gonna do a little feature request in here.
    I would love PDFsam to be able to ‘stitch’ or ‘nUP’ pages from a PDF file or several. In particular I need to put one single-page PDF under another single-page PDF file, both files produced by two very different softwares, yet I need to put both results in another single-page PDF that obviously is double the size (or quadruple the surface, if you will).

  17. Hi,

    I tested 3.0.0.M1 and i think i found a problem. I usualy scan documents and after merging it with pdf sam I apply ocr recognition with Acrobat standard. With version 2.3 there is no problem, but with version 3.0.0.m1 lots of pages disappers.

    thank you for your hard work.

  18. The new GUI looks awesome , well done !
    I did re-download the 2.2.4 version just in case there was any big problem , though … ^^
    Thank’s for your work

  19. Tried the beta, but since I use visual reorder more than any other function, I’m back to 2.2.4.

    Since many others are also missing this feature, can you give any indication of when you hope to add it?


  20. Oh man!!!, PDFSAM GREAT!!!, man I love your fuckin’ app it’s simply AMAZING! gorgeous, chingona, I love you! great, great and one more time fuckin’ great!!

  21. Oh come ON already! The last release was Dec last year, how hard is it to release at least milestone 2? I know it’s free software and we can’t hold you to anything, but a new preview release would help revitalise the project. Your github account shows active progress so clearly the project isn’t dead…

  22. Tried the M1, and i found a bug in the Merge function. When i add a pdf and i duplicate it more than once, then every changes on the page ranges has effects to all of the duplicate entries.

  23. Hello, I wanted to know which all testing techniques will be good for this application? and what all tests had your team performed?

  24. Not having the reorder pages functionality is a big deal. You should make it clear that people are missing that when upgrading (I wonder what else).
    I am using the last 2.x version until the 3.x version can bring the same functionality.

  25. Hi every body
    I’ve just installed pdfsam v3.0.1 and i don’t find the function “Visual document”
    I search but i don’t find it.
    Will this option come back ?

  26. I used PDFsam for docs merge and reorder since you removed this feature form PDFsam I’m going back to 2.2.4. Very disappointing you didn’t mentioned it explicitly in download option for newest versions 3.x.x

    Thanks for wasting my time

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