Hi everybody,
I just released the new versions of PDFsam basic and enhanced. These releases are mainly focused on bug fixes and feature requests. Now the ImageViewer for the single pages preview has zoom in, zoom out and rotate capabilities, the alternate mix has a new option that lets you define the step for both the input documents, the pdf split module has been modified to better handle input files with a big bookmarks tree and should be now much faster splitting pdf with these kind of bookmarks. The user interface has been modified with accelerator keys, warning messages if the destination field is empty and the file chooser now remembers the previous path.

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  1. This tool is incredibly handy. It makes merging PDFs so much easier than Adobe Acrobat, which is really clunky to use. We still Acrobat for certain tasks, but for simple merging we use this now.

  2. Spero tu capisca l’italiano ( il nome e cognome me lo ha fatto supporre ).

    Lo uso per fare lo split a livello di bookmark via linea di comando.
    Questa ultima versione (2.3.0e) è MOLTO più veloce della precedente (2.2.0e) a fare lo split MA i pdf generati dalla divisione perdono gli eventuali bookmark di livello superiore.
    Se ad esempio ho bookmark fino a livello 2 e splitto a livello 1 i pdf risultanti non hanno più bookmarks.
    La versione precedente conservava invece la struttura dei bookmarks.
    Altro Problema che ho riscontrato anche nella versione precedente è che se il titolo del bookmark contiene caratteri strani la conversione del pdf fallisce.

    io uso : java -jar sam220/pdfsam-console-2.2.0e.jar -s BLEVEL -bl 1 -o splitted/ -f pippo.pdf -p [FILENUMBER####]@[CURRENTPAGE####]@[BOOKMARK_NAME]@[BASENAME] split

    il problema sta su [BOOKMARK_NAME] che a volte , e non ho ancora capito come fa acrobat ad inserirli, contiene caratteri di escape tipo r che pdfsam interpreta come backslash r piuttosto che (CR) generando così un filename che fa riferimento ad una dir inesistente ( sotto windows ).
    Perchè ci sia una roba del genere su un bookmarkname è tutto da capire.

  3. Hi,

    I created mac apps/dmgs for both the basic and enhanced version. Andrea: If you are interested in putting them on your page, just drop me a note via e-mail.

  4. I get an error saying windows cannot find ‘javaw.exe’ I am using windows 7. Do you know what might cause this?

  5. Sorry about that. Forgot I refreshed my disk and it doesn’t have JRE on it anymore. Working fine.

  6. Thanks for your precious work.
    I’ve merged chapters of the book to a single pdf.
    It works fine except the bookmarks.

    Let me explain what happened.
    For example, if I merge two 3-page pdf, A.pdf and B.pdf, a bookmark to page 2 in B should be converted to a bookmark to page 5 in A+B.
    But it still points to page 2.

    Is there any options to fix it?

  7. Very nice software. Exactly what I needed to extract some pages from several pdfs, then recombine them into another pdf … all in one step!. Beautiful. Thanks.

  8. LOVE the program! I like being able to select numerous pages to merge all at once rather than one by one like the previous software I used. Huge time saver! Grwat work, thanks for sharing it out.

  9. hi, i have a problen with my pdfsam, I can´t open it, only put imposible to found java.exe , i have windows 7 and i´m spanish could anybody helpme?? thanks!!

  10. Having difficulties splitting a large pdf with over 300 bookmarks and 3900 pages. Are there any known limitations?

    Otherwise, it looks great.

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