Upcoming release

Hi everybody,
more than 2 months have passed since the last release but the next one is almost ready. With the next version all the enhanced users will have a new module to set pdf metadata (Title, Author..). For both basic and enhanced I spent some time implementing requests about the user interface like drag and drop support on Linux, save and load environments that saves and restores the selected module and finally, after many requests since the beginning of this project, the user interface will be restored every time you open/close PDFsam, this means the main window size, position, the 2 split panels and the selected plugin.
I want to really thank all those users who supported PDFsam (fortunately a lot) with money, ideas, suggestions, emails etc… you keep me working on it with enthusiasm.

Finally 2.0.0 and 2.0.0e

Hi everybody,
I just released the first stable versions of the branch 2. The new 2.0.0 and 2.0.0e are available to be downloaded. You’ll find some bug fixes, the context menu to add complex prefixes, the rotate pdf module, thumbnails with a slightly improved quality, modules are now in alphabetical order and the new console command ‘pagelabels’ to set page labels on a pdf document.

Basic version 1.0.0 alpha released

I released the new basic version 1.0.0 alpha. This is a complete refactoring of the basic version, a not stable test version. It needs to be tested and there’s no win32 installer, no tutorial and translations are not completed. It’s only for those braves who want to test it while I’m finishing working on the enhanced version, tutorials and so on.
In this version you’ll find a new console, new pdf split by size feature, new combo to chose output pdf version, fields to input passwords to open encrypted documents, save and load environments, config file can be placed in ${user.home}/.pdfsam, log4j logging window, encoded exception messages, new pdf merge page limit (n-) to merge pdf from page n to the end of the document and updated libraries.
As you can see there are a lot of new features and they need to be tested so please report any bug you find.
I’m waiting the new language model to be approved in Rosetta so you can’t translate to your preferred language using Rosetta for now but you can find the model to be downloaded from the resources section.

pdfsam 0.6b1 out!

Here we are again. I released the new version with some bug fixed, some new feature, a better GUI and so on. I think PDFsam is getting very complete and stable but please report any bug as usual… I made a lot of changes “inside” so there might be some bug.
Oh.. there’s also multi language support :). Now there are only 5 languages but every time a new language will be available in Rosetta I’ll release a langpack that’s is just a file you’ll have to overwrite in the PDFsam directory. I couldn’t wait anymore to release because I’ve a lot of work to do right now and I am sure you didn’t want to wait anymore 🙂