Here we are again. I released the new version with some bug fixed, some new feature, a better GUI and so on. I think PDFsam is getting very complete and stable but please report any bug as usual… I made a lot of changes “inside” so there might be some bug.
Oh.. there’s also multi language support :). Now there are only 5 languages but every time a new language will be available in Rosetta I’ll release a langpack that’s is just a file you’ll have to overwrite in the PDFsam directory. I couldn’t wait anymore to release because I’ve a lot of work to do right now and I am sure you didn’t want to wait anymore 🙂

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I have another few suggestion that would be great in a future version;

    # Merge from text or xml file, a file which contains file names to be merged, one file name per line.





    # I have to merge a few articles now and then and their number such as this 1-3,5-9,11-18 on the places 4 and 10 I then need to add a blank page to have it running right. Maybe something like that could be created with just 1 button press.

    Just suggestion no idea of these kind of things can be realised.

    Best wishes.

  2. well.. for your first suggestion there’s already something similar but it works only from the pdfsam-console and it takes a csv input file. I thought about xml and so on but i havn’t done anything till now. There’s another guy from sourceforge, wonder, who joined the project and is developing a new plugin to have a batch cover/footer add… don’t know if it’s similar to what you need. There are tons of special cases and plugins to be created… unfortunately i’ve a lot of work to do and pdfsam is just an hobby, a very interesting one for me but.. you know.. i need money to eat 🙂 so i’ve my job first and pdfsam if i’ve time..

  3. what do you mean with pdfsam console?
    Could you please explain how that csv part works?

    Then thing I ment don’t has anything to do with adding footer text but adding blank/white pages to the document in a batch.

    It’s logical that ‘real’ work goes first.
    Thanks for all your effords so far.


  4. G:pdfsamlib>java -jar pdfsam-console-0.5.1.jar -l C:a.csv -o c:prova.pdf -u All: -overwrite concat

    where the csv file looks like:

    Unfortunately i found a stupid bug so you can’t omit “-u” option.. i’ll fix in next one..

  5. Double clicking pdfsam-win32inst-v0_6_beta1.exe
    does result in start menu group BUT…
    How do you get to the GUI?

  6. First of all you need Java 1.4.2 or above installed so ensure you have it. Than you just need to double click pdfsam-0.6b1.jar.

    From the FAQ:
    How to run the main GUI?
    Double click the file pdfsam-CURRENT_VERSION.jar or type java -jar /PATH_TO_PDFSAM/pdfsam-CURRENT_VERSION.jar

  7. Tried to install on a users pc and keep getting this error: Cannot locate file javaw.exe . . . Any idea how to fix this problem?

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