PDFsam Visual is finally out!

We made it! We finally managed to release the first version of PDFsam Visual. Among the other modules you will have Crop, Combine and Reorder, Rotate, Extract and the Split by text that allows to split a document when a piece of text changes (invoice number, employee number etc).
Give it a try and let us know if you have any issue or feedback.

PDFsam Visual pre-release giveaway

Hi everybody,
we have been working hard on PDFsam Visual lately and it’s time to start to wrap it up. We are planning to giveaway few licenses to heavy users willing to test it and provide some feedback. If you are interested please ping us on Twitter, we will select some of you and come back with further details.

New release 2.2.1

Hi everybody,
I released versions 2.2.1 basic and enhanced, available in the download section. In these release you’ll find some library upgrade (JPodRenderer, the thumbnails generation library, among the others) and some bug fixes (most important one bug affecting the bookmarks handling during the pdf merge and pdf split).
The ICEpdf thumbnail generation has been upgraded as well to the latest version.
MacOS dmg will be available soon.


Fixed ICEpdf generation library

I just released a new version of the ICEpdf thumbnails generation library with a fix for bug #3072732 (it wasn’t handling correctly pages rotation). You can find the link in the download section.


New ICEpdf thumbnails generation library

Hi, I just released an updated version of the ICEpdf thumbnails generation library using ICEpdf 4.1, it can be found in the download section.

Version 2.1.0 and 2.1.0e

Hi everybody,
I just released the new version of basic and enhanced PDFsam. In this version almost all the libraries have been updates, 6 bugs have been fixed, the new pdf document metadata module has been added to the enhanced version (this module can be used to set pdf metadata like author, title, etc..) and some feature request has been implemented (DnD support on *nix systems, save/restore of the GUI settings when closing/opening PDFsam and saving the environment will save informations about the selected plugin).
I also created a thumbnails generation library using ICEpdf. This library can be plugged and used as thumbnails generation engine instead of the default JPodRenderer generation library.

The Mac OS dmg distribution will be ready soon.

New 2.0.0 alpha version out

Hi everybody,
I just released the first alpha test version of the branch 2 (both basic and enhanced). With this version you’ll find the two new visual plugins that will let you visually reorder pages of a PDF file, or visually compose a document by merging pages taken from other documents. All the visual things are based on the JPodRenderer library. It’s a test version and load/save environment functions don’t work yet but everything else should work. You’ll find also the new console where I added the -d option to the concat command to merge PDF files found in an input directory and I added the chance to set a starting value for the [FILENUMBER] prefix (Ex. [FILENUMBER13] or [FILENUMBER###13]). This version require a JVM 1.6.
Let me know your feedbacks