Hi everybody,
I released versions 2.2.1 basic and enhanced, available in the download section. In these release you’ll find some library upgrade (JPodRenderer, the thumbnails generation library, among the others) and some bug fixes (most important one bug affecting the bookmarks handling during the pdf merge and pdf split).
The ICEpdf thumbnail generation has been upgraded as well to the latest version.
MacOS dmg will be available soon.


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  1. I appreciate all the work you are doing, but…

    Attempting to compile the enhanced version gives an error about non-existent files in “jpodrenderercreator”. Looking in “jpodcreator” I see only what appears to be documentation. Are files missing?

  2. Thanks for the updated package, but it seems there is a “install-data” directory missing. I can compile the enhanced version, but can’t compile the installer because it is looking for an “install-datainstall.ico” file. I notice the .nsi references a few other files in an “install-data” directory.

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  4. I get this error after installing and trying to run it

    windows cannot find javaw.exe is the message I get after installing PDFSAM

  5. I also get the ‘cannot find javaw.exe’ error message in Windows 7.

    There is a quick fix though. If you have Java installed, javaw.exe should be located in C:WindowsSystem32. Copy javaw.exe from there into the installation folder (C:Program Files (x86)pdfsam) and it will run properly.

    Also, thanks for the handy utility. It was just was I needed. =)

  6. Ciao, sono un estimatore del pdfsam, purtroppo, da quando sono passato al MAC, non riesco a vedere più le anteprime, so che si deve installare qualcosa che ha a che fare con JPOD Renderer, ma non so assolutamente come fare, qualche aiuto? Ciao e grazie

  7. First, no icon (either on Desktop or Start Menu) was created. When I ran the executable pdfsam-starter.exe I got the error message “Windows cannot find ‘jaavaw.exe’. …” I then copied javaw.exe and got the message “Error: could not find Java 2 Runtime Environment.”
    I’m running Windows 7 pro.

  8. When I downloaded the PDFsam 2.2.1, my McAfee inform me that it’s potentially dangerous download (may contains virus, worm, trojan, malware, or spyware). Any comment ?

  9. Very easy to split a PDF file with multiple pages into separate PDF files. Thanks very much Andrea for an outstanding computer program. You Da Man!

  10. Using version 2.2.1

    When I spit a 186 page PDF into single pages they get numbered correctly, 1_pdfsam, 2_pdfsam etc.

    I do this so I can edit a page or two.

    Now when I request to Merge all 186 pages, the Merge option fails to order the pages correctly in the display screen. It thinks 100_pdfsam comes before 10_pdfsam which comes before 1_pdfsam. (BTW Windows Explorer orders them as expected.)

    To reorder these is a massive task using move uip and move down.

    Perhaps you could number pages 0001_pdfsam so that the order is correct, or change the sort algorithm PDFSAM is using.

    Thanks – a great tool.


  11. Just downloaded the windows app and used it to merge two PDF documents into a single PDF. Very simple to install and use. Result was perfect. Thankyou.

  12. My crappy flat-bed scanner can only do one page at a time, so my two-page scans needed to be converted back into a single .PDF.

    I needed a simple, free application that would allow me to merge two .PDF files.

    This worked perfectly and easily.

    I got the Java error, but had not previously downloaded Java to the new computer.

    Very easy. THANKS!

  13. A thousand times thank you! This is amazing software and has saved me in a pinch twice now. I am but a lowly college student, but I will definitely donate when I get the chance. Keep up the awesome work!

  14. why is it not working for me?. i was able to install but it won’t produce output files. instead, i’m getting this: PDFsamTMPbufferIIHQB1. what could i be doing wrong? please advise!

  15. I used ‘PDF sam ver 2.2.1’

    But I find ‘Trojan virus’ in ‘PDF SAM ver 2.2.1’

    – File : pdfsam-starter.exe ( in ‘pdfsam-2.2.1-out.zip’ )
    – Virus : Trojan/W32.Agnet.94720.IN

    Plz check it, Thank you.

  16. I have used your tool on and off for a year now and I just had to say, thank you very much! It makes communication through Email very easy as I can combine different types of documents (after printing to PDF) into one meaningful document and send it.

    I also use it to separate my scans. I scan a bunch of files at once to save time and then just split then with this great tool!

    Thank you

  17. Hi!

    Using pdfsam on OS X 10.6.7 with java 1.6 is not possible. pdfsam can be launch a first time but not consecutively twice. Actually, in the first launch, if the settings are changed and set in non-DEBBUG mode, then the soft launches correctly from an administrator account but unfortunatly nevertheless not from a standard user. It appears the settings are not saved in the config.xml file but in a .jar file.


  18. Been using pdfsam basic in our office for quite some time. Exactly what we needed. However, a file folder on our network just exceeded over 1000 sub-folders and pdfsam only recognizes up to #999. I downloaded the latest version and still no luck. Have we possibly exceeded the memory that the program can read? Will upgrading to enhanced solve the problem?

  19. I want to merge some documents, but the 2.2.1 kept prompting me i need to select destination file which I could not select.


  20. Hallo,
    I installed Java Runtime Environment Version 6 Update 25 32 bit. My OS is Win 7 64 bit. I downloaded pdfsam-2.2.1-out.zip, I launched pdfsam-2.2.1.jar, I got the PDFSAM opened. I tried some of its functionalities (e.g. Merge/Extract, Visual reorder) but it seems not working.
    May you help me?

    Thanks a lot

  21. Hello,

    Thank you for this piece of software, I could reorder the pages of a big PDF file, PDFSAM is the only free soft I found in the internet and it runs very well.
    Just a small remark: When I’m in the graphic interface and I use the Visual reorder plugin the previews of the pages (from the PDF ) are displayed with a black background and white letters, It is hardly readable. is it possible to get a preview with the original colors ?(or a preview with white background and black letters).

    PS : Sorry for my poor english

    jean pierre

  22. seems to have broken on newest java update (v 6 update 26)… the startup window displays, but then the program itself does not. tried reinstalling pdfsam, tried reinstalling previous version of java, no effect.

  23. disregard my previous comment. after reading some forum posts, one user suggested a technique which worked for me:

    delete C:Users[yourname].pdfsam

    once i deleted this folder, reopened PDFsam and it works. 😀

  24. Dear PDFSam Team,

    since I’ve installed to new 2.21 SAM there are several problems.
    The file will open, but I can’t see the GUI. If I will click on the taskbar on the “opened” SAM there is only “close window”. The preview is availalble but if I click on it, nothing happend.
    Please help me!!!

    Thanking you in advance!

  25. @Ralf Schuchardt:
    I had the same problem.
    The kludge which helped me was to click on the “Show Desktop” icon (which minimizes all open applications and shows only the desktop) and then click on the “Show Desktop” icon AGAIN (which re-shows all minimized applications, INCLUDING PDFSam).

    (I assume the application window is outside of the screen window when launching originally. I had that happen to me with another application eons ago. In that case however I could right-click the task icon and had the option of moving the window with the arrows.)

  26. I had the same problem like Ralf and Julo, but only since any day’s without any modification of my own, maybe Windows automatical update. I work under W7 64 bit pro.
    With Julo’s kludge (thanks a lot) I can work futher with this great program, but it work great befor, is they not a way to correct this bug?

    Thank you for this great program, thank you for your help

  27. Just in case, I had to modify run-console.bat in order to get the containing directory of the batch

    set DIRNAME=%~dp0..lib

    instead of

    set DIRNAME=%~dp0..lib

  28. Hi, the PDF Split and Merge Basic Ver 2.2.1 was so much easier to use than the PDFSAM Visual. I am wondering if there is some way to download the old version. I am happy to pay for it.

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