Hi everybody,
I just want to remind you that you can use the documentation as a valuable source of information about PDFsam where many HowTos can be found.

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  1. Thank You for this useful software,

    Just report a little bug,

    There’s some kind of incompatibility between PDF Creator PDF Sam and another application: “A-PDF Number”. This is for inserting page numbers.

    If I process wit PDF Sam a file created with PDF Creator, and then I try to numerate pages with the third (A-PDF Sam). Then pages are empty: content is lost.

    Thank You again.

  2. I’ve found and solve this cuestion about the “conflict” with A-PDF Number.

    Leave unmarked the option: Compress output file/files in PDF Sam
    Then insert page numbers in the pdf file with A-PDF Number
    All correct!

  3. does your split and merge software work with Windows server 2003? My IT department says that they can’t find on your site where it does work, so they won’t install it and I really need soemthing like this.

    1. It’s written in Java and it’s platform independent. I “should” work on every platform where there’s a JVM 1.6 installed but I never tested on Windows server 2003, I think you can ask on the forum if anyone tested.

  4. I keep seeing that the basic should be FREE but when I download, it requires payment. Is it just the new version that is free? I’m not that literate/confident to use that.

  5. I think your WIKI site may have been hacked. Have you read your wiki statements lately. The sections pdfsam basic and pdfsam enhanced have unrelated text stuck in the middle of them and those text strings are links to apparently unrelated websites. You may want to clean that up. While reading straight through your wiki page, those text strings tend to confuse the point you’re trying to make.

    1. Yes, thanks. I reverted all the changes (it seems there were a lot of pages). Unfortunately spammers are a real pain on the Wiki and forum and I ended up making the Wiki not editable.

  6. Hi,
    I am at a loss on how to use the pdfsam basic, and am unable to find the Wiki how to article, sorry, but is there a user manual or can someone give me the link to the wiki article please?
    I just want to split a pdf file using bookmarks, but the program just gives the uh ohh!

  7. I can’t get the program to install. I downloaded the installer from Sourceforge; clicked on it and it started to run then I got the error message saying the program had ended prematurely and that my system was not modified. A friend of mine who is pretty tech-savvy guessed it is because my Java platform is different than what PDFSaM was written in. But, I saw, above, that it is supposed to be cross-platform compatible. I use SunJava by Oracle BTW.

    1. If you are talking about the installation process then Java has nothing to do with it. PDFsam need Java 1.6 to run but as I understand you weren’t able to install it. Try right clicking the installer package and choose “Run as administrator”.

  8. I installed v2.2.2 but had to uninstall it. now when I try to install again I get an error that a previous version needs to be uninstalled. there are no files left from the original install. I ran a couple different reg cleaning utilities, but v2.2.2 still errors out during install.

    any advice?

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