Hi, the new version 3.0.3 of PDFsam Basic is out! We finally added the .deb archive for Linux distributions, drag and drop of rows in the merge task selection table so you can now easily sort rows, added an option to discard bookmarks in split tasks and one to add the file name in the footer of the merged document pages. ToC generated for the merge task now has the same page size as the merged documents. Last but not least we upgraded SAMBox and Sejda so there are many fixes on the underlying PDF engine.
You can get it from here

5 Replies to “PDFsam 3.0.3 released!”
  1. Please advise correct update for PDFsam Enhanced 3.0.3. When launching and requesting an update from within PDFsamE no update is found. If the linked update file is used will the existing license code be affected?

  2. I have found a small issue with the file overwriting process.
    By clicking on the option “overwrite if already exists” I can only choose yes or no, but it seemed to me that in older versions it was also possible to choose a new file name, which I don’t find in this latest version,
    Am I missing something?

    I know it’s a silly thing but some colleagues started to complain and as their IT reference I’d like to keep using PdfSam and not to switch to something else since PdfSam has been working great and flawless since ever!

  3. After a merge, the “run” field will not clear for the next merge selection. I get a message “do you want to overwrite” (because the previous merged file is still in the cache). I have to close the program ,and re open. Is there any way to figure out why it is doing this?

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