we released the new PDFsam Enhanced version 7 with a completely new and improved user interface! In this version you will also find the new Pro + OCR Advanced with a new and better OCR engine. We have also fixed a number of issues and implemented new user-reported features.

You can download it and purchase it from the download page

PDFsam Enhanced v7

The complete release notes.

6 Replies to “PDFsam Enhanced 7 is out!”
  1. this update seems to be not free with my subscription is that the case. Do I have to pay for a whole new subscription?

  2. I hate to say this, especially since I’ve utilized PDFsam for several years; it’s my go-to PDF enhanced reader and PDF tool shot. As guilty as this makes me feel…I can not help it; the NEW PDFsam Enhanced Version 7 – is not user-friendly, the green kills me and it looks cheap now, vs. the yellow-colored previous Enhanced versions. And, I could have sworn there was a ‘readout loud’ function…even on PDFsam Enhanced 5. I don’t know…it takes some getting used to, that is all I’m saying as far as interface and functions, but I can’t lie…waiting until PDFsam 8 comes to fruition, it’s torture. I look to see if it exists, at least every other week to month by month. Please hurry!

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