We just released the new PDFsam Basic 3.3.1 with a number fixes and improvements, here is a list of what has changed. As usual you can find the new version in the download section.

We also have a new PDFsam Enhanced Spring Promo for the Pro and Pro+OCR packages!

And finally, we are updating our How to split PDF and merge PDF tutorials with the new settings and features we added in the latest releases, they will be ready in few days, and we added a short one to explain how to compress PDF using PDFsam Basic, give them a chance if you need a quick guide on how to use PDFsam.

8 Replies to “PDFsam Basic 3.3.1 released!”
  1. Com a versão nova não consegui mais usar a função Rotacionar, dá um erro de que algo não foi preenchido e não pode fica em branco, embora eu tenha feito tudo exatamente como sempre. Tive que voltar pra versão anterior. =/

  2. Something is wrong…I asked your software to do a complex batch OCR conversion process and it JUST WORKED. It didn’t crash, or freeze my computer, or turn what was a good quality scan into a stream of ASCII obscenities. This is NOT what I’ve learned to expect by using Adobe products for my entire life. I’m a little upset that now I have to do actual work since you made this task so easy. Thanks a lot.

  3. OK, I’ve only had this software for less than an hour…but I’ve now played with it quite a bit because it’s really just very well put together. It probably is the most beautiful piece of software I’ve seen in a long time – intuitively and functionally. Plus your licensing model is in line with my values. Even from my perspective as a java developer I am excited about your product. I’ve passed this software off to my customer for consideration for their internal use. Do you have any plans on supporting IRM in the future (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_rights_management)?

  4. Just out of curiosity – do you have plans to update PDFSam Basic to work with Java 9? I recently learned the hard way that Java isn’t backwards compatible, when after installing it and removing Java 8, PDFSam didn’t work!

    I’ve reinstalled Java 8, so there’s no problem now, but since PDFSam is the only app I’m aware of using that relies on Java 8, I’m curious when/if I’ll be able to remove it.

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