The new release 2.1.1 of PDFsam Visual is out.

  • We upgraded all the underlying components (PDF engine, Electron, PDF rendering engine..)
  • We fixed few bugs and improved some error/feedback message
  • We added an option to automatically populate the output folder with the parent directory of the selected PDF file
  • We added a context menu to most of the tools, to allow the user to quickly set the output field same as one of the input files
  • The Merge module can now combine PDF files and images

You can get it from the download page.

One Reply to “PDFsam Visual 2.1.1 is out!”
  1. This has always been an excellent program. I installed version 4.0.1 on Kubuntu 18.04.
    I found the following bugs:
    1) The program icon can be pinned on the Kubuntu applications bar (“Task manager”). However, clicking it does nothing. (One has to start the program in some other way.)
    2) This program icon bears the label “java”.
    3) Once a split job is completed, there appears a button “Open”. I assume it should open the files produced, or the folder containing them, with a pdf viewer. In Kubuntu, the program Gwenview is called. This, however, cannot open pdf files. Call Okular instead.

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