Hi everybody,
I just released the first alpha test version of the branch 2 (both basic and enhanced). With this version you’ll find the two new visual plugins that will let you visually reorder pages of a PDF file, or visually compose a document by merging pages taken from other documents. All the visual things are based on the JPodRenderer library. It’s a test version and load/save environment functions don’t work yet but everything else should work. You’ll find also the new console where I added the -d option to the concat command to merge PDF files found in an input directory and I added the chance to set a starting value for the [FILENUMBER] prefix (Ex. [FILENUMBER13] or [FILENUMBER###13]). This version require a JVM 1.6.
Let me know your feedbacks

11 Replies to “New 2.0.0 alpha version out”
  1. Hi Andrea,

    I just needed this application and fortunately it was all on top with Google. Split and merge. Wonderful! Works like a miracle! Great!
    Thanks. I used 2.0.0, no problems detected. I’ll look into it in more detail soon.

  2. Hello,

    I have tried to download the software; however, when I click on the icon after installation, an error says that Windows cannot find ‘javaw.exe’.

  3. The 2.0.0 version is beautiful! Thank you for your work on it!

    My only issue I’ve found so far is: Split At This Size. The error I get says, among other things: “Caused by org.pdfsam.console.exceptions…” and then “Unnecessary option -bl for the selected split mode”. Other split features work without error. I’m not sure what is going on with this one.

    Thanks again!

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