8 Replies to “PDFsam Basic 3.2.5 is out!”
  1. I’m using Windows 10 and expected to see a context menu item in File Explorer for PDFsam.

    Shouldn’t there be one when I select a PDF file?

  2. Ah… it’s under “Send to”. I was looking for it on the initial context menu.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    This is an EXCELLENT product by the way..

    1. Unfortunately it turned out to be a non trivial task to add it to the initial menu and make it work on every version of Windows, on the contrary adding it to “Send to” is very easy and works as expected so I ended up adding it there, it does the job.

  3. There is a certain problem with your sort by “Name” option. You should set ‘_’ ‘s priority lower than any number. While merging files, I want the splitted files to be sorted by name, it puts 10 before 1_ and that’s really frustrating(I know that it’s natural in ASCII however I think you can fix this). It’s only possible to get a proper order using “Modified” option . I love your work and it’s the easiest way to edit pdf files on windows. Please fix that bug.

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