Hi everybody,
today PDFsam v3 performed its very first task merging pdf files.
There’s still quite a lot of work to do but I wanted to share the good news, the merge pdf module of PDFsam v3 kind of works and it’s going to be the first one to be finalized. I still don’t have any bundle for you to test and I don’t know yet when I will, but things are moving, I have screen shots to prove it 🙂

PDFsam merge pdf preview

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  1. Sure you can merge as many PDF documents as you want, just make sure you selected the PDF merge module (on the left) and not the alternate mix, which takes only two PDF documents.

  2. Hi Andrea,
    It works fine, great work! I didn’t manage to download the installer though because McAfee claims it is infected with Artemis. The contents of the zip seems to be ok.

  3. PDFsam is one of my very favorite programs. I have one request though. Splitting big sized PDFs sometimes takes time. But when you just need to rip page 2 or 3 you might not want to wait several minutes for all parts to be written. Maybe PDFsam v3 could get an abort button for that? Thx a lot for the excellent work!

  4. Hi Andrea, thanks for the hard work..
    It helps a lot when it come to split and merge document for my assignment submission.
    It is one of my favorite programme and it is indeed very useful for me.
    Thanks again and hope to see PDFsam v3 soon.

  5. Hi,
    I was hoping you could add a specif funcionality, when merging files, use the name of the file as a bookmark (create a bookmark) option.

  6. What a joke – forced install of search / security tools does’t say open source to me! Fair enough to have the option but not to force them on the user!

  7. Just a thought. I am using this to merge MS Word 2010 documents as this functionality does not exist in Word. I export each document as a PDF and use PDFsam to merge the separate files. However, it would be great to have PAGE NUMBERING on the merged document. As it is, MS WORD can have page numbering on each separate document. BUT, there is no number for the merged document.

  8. Hello Andrea, thanks for very usable program.
    I use PDFsam more than two years. Sometimes, when I split or rotate PDFs, Adobe Reader can not show some of pages. I See the white sheet and Reader says: “Insufficient data for an image”. Before modifying that pages with PDFsam, they opened correctly. Could you say me how to fix it? If necessary, I can send you examples of that pdfs.
    Thank you.

  9. Complimenti per il Vs software, fantastico!.
    Lo uso per lavoro e devo dire che è ottimo, unica pecca quando si uniscono più di un centinaio di pagine le “spagina” ma per il resto perfetto!.
    Grazie mille

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