we have released the new version 4 of PDFsam Visual with a number of improvements, fixes and new features. The upgrade is free for subscription plan customers and for those who have a perpetual license valid for version 4 (key starting with PV4). PDFsam Visual can be downloaded from here and tested for 14 days, fully functional and without limitations.

New home screen

We redesigned the home screen where all the available tools can be selected with a handy search bar.

Home screen of PDFsam Visual

Recent files

We have added a Recent Files section where you can find and manage all recently opened files, this will help you quickly get back to the files you were working on previously.

PDFsam Visual recent files

Page preview

We replaced the magnifier that was popping up over the pages with a proper preview functionality where you can preview and zoom pages.

PDF page preview

Resize pages

We added a new tool to resize pages of a PDF file. It can resize the page to some know sizes (A3, A4, Ledger…) and optionally resize the page content to fit the new page size.

Resize PDF pages

White pages

The Delete pages and Extract pages tools now allow you to select white/blank pages in one click.

Organize pages

The Organize pages tool can now merge images files (jpg, png etc…) together with PDF files. It’s now possible to drop files in between pages.

Organize pages tool

Other changes

  • Organize pages fixed an issue with the generated bookmarks tree
  • Images to PDF can now drag and drop files in between other files
  • Proper handling of Exif rotation when an image is used as input
  • Proper MacOS menu with standard entries
  • Simplified handling of “Overwrite output” in case of a single file output
  • Added a setting to select the unit of measure as Inches or Centimeters, used in Crop and few other tools
  • Crop now shows the crop area size
  • In Delete pages is now possible to set all pages for deletion in one click and then unselect those to keep
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