we just released the first milestone of PDFsam Basic version 5. A lot of work has been done (and a lot of work is still needed), and since it is in a working state, we have decided to release it to gather feedback. Here is a summary of what we modified and added:

  • Migrated everything to the latest JDK 19.0.1
  • Migrated all the dependencies to their latest version
  • Refreshed the default light theme
  • Added a couple of dark themes and an additional light theme
  • Extract pages tool now has the ability to create a separate PDF file for each page range
  • Added a new tool to insert a PDF document (every page or selected pages) into another one, multiple times every “n” pages.
  • Upgraded Sejda (PDF engine) to the latest milestone release. Sejda and all it’s dependencies have been lately migrated to JDK 17 and modularized (JPMS)
  • Upgraded sejda-io to latest v4. Version 4 has been migrated to JDK 19 and got rid of the Unsafe Cleaner hack to clean memory mapped files in favor of the Foreign Function & Memory API preview feature
  • No more FontAwesome (replaced by Unicons)
  • Removed Logback (replaced by Tinylog)
  • New tools icons
  • Application now runs on the modulepath

PDFsam Basic version 5 preview
Any feedback is welcome. New translations can be filled here. There is no installer, just the portable zip that you can extract and run.
You can download it from here!

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