We watched with shock the horrific images of the Russian unprovoked aggression in Ukraine. As a result we have decided to stop selling our products in Russia and Belarus where they can be used in support of warfare and constant censorship.

Hope to grow awareness

With growing shock we have seen the war on our doorstep escalate day after day. From the use of prohibited weapons, the bombing of humanitarian corridors to the recent bombing of a pediatric hospital in Mariupol, these are just some of the aberrant episodes of this war that sees the Ukrainian people fighting and opposing the invasion and created a humanitarian emergency of enormous proportions, with 2 million refugees and hundreds of civilians, women and children, killed by Russian bombs.

We hope with this gesture to raise awareness of this aggression. If you can’t open the links above, you should know that the free press around the world is constantly reporting on atrocities committed in Ukraine and many if not all free journalists have had to flee Russia and Belarus because they have not aligned themselves with the regime and propaganda, with a law passed that provides 15 years in prison for journalists who dare to tell what is really happening in Ukraine.
Anti-war demonstrations with hundreds of thousands of people are constantly held in many cities around the world and many, many brave are also protesting in Russia and Belarus, being arrested or worse.

Young Russian soldiers are killed by the thousands, families destroyed, children forced to face things no child should. Lives ruined forever for a completely useless war.

We know that this war, like any war, has complex origins and people have different points of view but nothing can justify the barbaric carnage that is happening now.