Hi everybody,
we have been working hard on PDFsam Visual lately and it’s time to start to wrap it up. We are planning to giveaway few licenses to heavy users willing to test it and provide some feedback. If you are interested please ping us on Twitter, we will select some of you and come back with further details.

27 Replies to “PDFsam Visual pre-release giveaway”
  1. Ah.. here it is. My users just complained today after the 3.x upgrade that this feature is missing and I should rollback to 2.x. Please send instructions to me where I can download the MSI file.

  2. I am a new PDFsam Basic user. I tried it based on web reviews that unfortunately were written before the visual functionality was removed. The visual functionality was/is my primary interest, so I would love to participate in the test. Thanks.

  3. Test seats have been taken, sorry. The official release should be out in few weeks and will have a “full features available” trial period where users will be able to test and try out the whole feature set.

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