Hi Guys,
we just released the new Sejda version. It’s probably the latest milestone before we go GA and most likely the version that will be included in PDFsam v3. It’s a chance for those of you using the command line interface (either the pdfsam-console or the sejda-console) to upgrade and test the latest features/fixes. We improved the prefix functionality and enriched the directory input for the pdf merge task with a regex to match pdf documents name.
For those of you using a Debian based Linux distribution (like Ubuntu) and willing to split and merge pdf documents form command line, we created a .deb package for the sejda-console, it can be downloaded from the project page here.

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  1. I have an earlier version of PDFSAM on my desk top. Decided to load the latest version off this website today onto my laptop.
    I pressed the download button and started the procedure. I was presented with a name ‘Conduit Inc’ and various optional downloads from McAfee, Reg Clean Pro etc. I declined these as I do not need them. I was then presented with a box ‘Install Protect’ (?), relating to protecting my home page settings. I clicked accept. When I thought the download had finished I was receiving notification of automatic access to the internet from my fire wall.
    Feeling concerned at all the activity I decided to uninstall ‘Conduit’.
    However I can no longer access the internet using IE. It fires up, showing 2 greyed out boxes, no text, then shuts down 5 secs later.
    Can you help?
    RK Davies

  2. Solved problem. Found ‘Search Protect’ Folder. Deleted it, all is well.
    However tried to down load basic version instead and was hi-jacked by Sodapdf. Took some persistence to only download what I needed.
    RK Davies

    1. Sorry for the problems you had. I try to have only relevant offers during the installation and one offer at most. If you download the official installer from the Downloads page you’ll have only Soda Pdf as offer, which is a very nice and useful software, nothing to do with the toolbars you mentioned and you can easily refuse it if not interested.

  3. Hi. How do you split the pages according to specific page numbers. For example I have a total of 120 pages. I want to split from page no. 6 to 13. Please advise. Thanks !!!!

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