Hi everybody,
first of all merry Christmas 🙂
I decided to write this post to keep you informed about the plan for the next release of PDFsam. After some thoughts I decided to rewrite PDFsam for the same reasons why me and Eduard developed Sejda completely rewriting the pdfsam-console. Here is a short list of the changes you can expect in the next release:

  • I’ll move the source code from SVN to Mercurial, most probably on BitBucket where I already have some project and I’m very happy with it.
  • I’ll mavenize the project to make it easier for developers to contribute and because I can’t stand those huge Ant scripts anymore.
  • Unattended installation
  • No more .pdfsam directory to store preferences
  • Sejda as core manipulation library which means a couple of new plugins (TIFF conversion, text extraction..) and some minor improvement to the existing ones.
  • I’ll most probably use some OSGi framework to improve modularity and it seems to perfectly replace the current plugin system. I’m still investigating this.
  • Finally a completely new layout. Someone once told PDFsam looks like a Ferrari engine on a old Lada chassis.. well, I agree and I’ll try to make it simpler, more usable and good looking.

It’s going to take a while but I hope the final result will be a pleasant surprise for most of you.


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  1. I think you will do a great application for future. And I agree in this design comment. pdfsam ist such a great piece of software, but looks likes DOS 🙂

  2. I cannot open pdfsam.
    I click once on the file pdfsam-2.2.1 and then type: java -L:Printerspdfsampdfsam-2.2.1.jar
    It doesnot works. If I click two times on the file I see pages with text.
    What can I do to let works the program?

    Please give me a link to the wright program.

    Thank you for the trouble,


  3. PDFsam seems to work like it’s supposed to, which is a rare treat. I can’t believe the people at adobe didn’t think we might need to merge or cut a pdf.

    I appreciate what you do.

  4. Great to see that the development still continues. Let me know if you need support with the layout work. As a satisfied PDFsam User for several years now, I would be happy to make a contribution to this project and help you with this task – even when its only the creation of some icons …

  5. Great and appreciate work.

    it is only one feature that I’m waiting, page numbering. With this we will have the perfect tools to make big pdf documents combinating calc and writer documents.

  6. I agree with the last post. Page numbering is a feature I would like to have.

    Another feature which I would like to see is file cropping.

    For these two features, I’m currently using two different applications but it would be nice to have them all in one application.

  7. So I see comments about an MSI in the forum. I would love to see this rolled out as an continuous option. We use it at our company and pushing it out through Active Directory would be a huge help.

    1. Actually yes.. but with none of the above features. A maintenance release where I fixed some bug (most notably, the one that causes pdfsam window to disappear) and added some minor improvement.

  8. Hi Andrea! Do you know that the following person has cribbed (or let us be polite and say “copied”) your marvellous PDF Split and Merge program:

    Thorsten Hodes
    In der Roed 5
    D-36132 Eiterfeld

    His somewhat lousy copy runs under the name “7-PDF Split&Merge” and has some major bugs!

    I was really upset when I found out; and (last not least) he wants EUR 29.95 for the so-called “PRO” Version!

    1. It looks like a pdfsam when it was 0.7 .. anyway I don’t think it’s “copied”, the interface is definitely “inspired” by the pdfsam interface but I don’t think there’s any GPL infringement there. There are plenty of commercial alternatives out there and I think it’s good, it keeps the market healthy 🙂

  9. Dear Andrea,

    many thanks for your release: I normally use pdfsam for merging and splitting my PDF documents and I never faced any issue.
    I have installed ver. 2.2.1 for MS 7 then I will update it quickly. To sum it is really a good solution in order to manage this kind of format.

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