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  1. Just discovered this great tool that you have given the world! Thank you!

    I have one request: I use the program to chop up a large .pdf file into smaller documents. The current version (2.2.2) allows me to create the new documents very nicely but does not allow for deletion of the pages from the source document (at least I have not found how to do this). Would be great to see this feature.

  2. Looking forward to next version. I’d like to see the ability to create/rename/delete bookmarks. It is a great tool as it stands. Always room for improvement. 🙂

  3. A visual preview of PDFs being merged or split would be great. It would avoid separately opening PDF files whenever I need to reference them to accurately split the files.

    The PDF preview, combined with a more visual way to add break points where splits would occur, would be ideal. This way i know exactly where the PDF will be split all within the interface. This would make it much easier to use and much more user-friendly.


  4. Good morning Andrea, I’m from Brazil and I was looking for a solution as its already a long time, I would check with you if the Split PDF already has the capability to change the language to Portuguese Brazil, another thing I would check with or even suggest you feature and digitally sign the document after the merge or split, have interest in doing business with you selling licenses in Brazil,
    Since already thank you

    Rodrigo Pereira

  5. Hi Mr. Andrea,
    This is to request you that. Can you add “Document Separator Button” after the “Reverse Button” in “Visual Reorder”. Because I need to separate pages by Manually same like HP Scanjet 7000. If you check the HP Scanjet 7000 then u will get an idea. It is very helpful for me .I hope you”ll understand.
    Thanks & Regards,

  6. I’m from Viet Nam. I need a free software can merge, split my PDF file. I tried so many software for a long time. And one day, i found PDFSAM, it’s really excellent, and i love it. Just, in Vietnamese, have some field is not yet translated, so i can help if you need.
    I also have an idea, that use PDFSAM as an server program, working through an application website. It’s should be good in my company. No need to install any thing on client, just access and use it. I don’t know can i do it, but i’m trying.
    Very thank you Mr. Vacondio for this excellent program.

  7. Hi,

    Thank you for making pdfsam.
    Would it possible to report errors, if there is a missing page or if file is relocated. The only way I found is the change in the sound produced when PdfSam completes the merging.
    Thank you,

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