Hi everybody,
we rolled out version 3.1 of PDFsam Enhanced, a bug fix release where some typos and localization issues were fixed, the “Extract all” file attachments is now correctly working, the whiteout tool can now be used on multiple form elements and few other fixes here and there.
As you may have noticed we also have a Summer promo where you can get PDFsam Enhanced Pro edition for the price of the Standard, enjoy!

9 Replies to “PDFsam Enhanced 3.1 and Summer promo!”
  1. Hi, I recently had a virus on my computer that disabled my pdf enhanced. I have since had my computer cleaned but we cannot get the PDF Enhanced to stay enabled. If i download it again it will work for a while, then after a couple of hours, it is disabled and comes up with a critical error. Do you have any suggestions please ?

  2. Hello,
    Is it possible to install on an internet-less CPU?
    I have an old CPU that I use once in a while, not connected to the internet. It seems like th installation gets stuck while trying to install the SW…

  3. localization-service.dll issues with Explorer.exe still remains. Support have been informed. I recommend to NOT use the Windows Explorer intergartion within the Setup. Once installed it is not possible to remove it either you deselect it in the Installer.
    Andrea hope you get it solved

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