In order to simplify the user interface, I am thinking about removing the output PDF version combobox and the compression checkbox, so generated document will always be PDF 1.5 with xref stream and object streams. I was thinking about having a sort of fallback way to allow uncompressed output, in case there are use-cases where uncompressed output makes sense, which I can’t currently foresee. Any feedback on this regard is more then welcome.

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  1. Compression all the time makes sense.
    Will setting output to version 1.5 cause any issues when input files are of higher versions?

    1. Well.. there will be some logic to set it higher when necessary, even though I don’t think it would change much in practice, but the main point is that users won’t be able to set it anymore. I don’t think it’s an issue but perhaps there are use cases where it is.

  2. I’d love it actually more, if you’d keep this possibility in general. How about putting this an own folded box for extended options – or a folded box in the existing boxes? You could also add other options there. BTW: I had a PDF here in version 1.3 and this had to stay in this version for further processing. PDFsam 3.1.0 noticed this and kept the extracted and later merged files in this version, exactly what I expected. If I had wanted I had switched to one of the newer versions.

    1. That was my concern, use cases where for some reason PDF version has to stay something lower then 1.5, so we can’t compress them (objects streams require 1.5) so completely removing those options would be problematic. It seems better to keep these sort of rarely used settings under the umbrella of “advanced settings”, folded as suggested so they don’t clutter the UI but they are still easily accessible. Can you tell what’s the reason you have to stick with 1.3?

  3. Sometimes I need to turn 1.3 into 1.7 output version of old texts for maximum better reading visibility and printing. I would like both 1.5 and 1.7 options remain available.

  4. I’d love it actually more, if you’d keep this possibility in general. But, why not make a setting, where it could be simplified or not.

  5. Andrea, the PDF I used was from a friend, so I asked: It was from an old scan with errors (doubled pages, wrong order), and with this file I showed him how simple PDFsam is to use. The friend wanted to do something with another old software where he has the license. I told him now, that there exists free software for what he wants to do (what uses newer PDF versions). Another idea: Make it an own module in PDFsam or create an own program for version changing.

  6. E’ un programma eccellente.
    Ho provato ad unire due file di grosse dimensioni per ottenere la stampa fronte retro e
    in pochi secondi ho ottenuto ciò che volevo.
    Il programma è estremamente facile e intuitivo.
    I miei complimenti al programmatore.

  7. Would this have an impact on file compression possibilities? After playing with a doc, a small file size is highest priority for me for easy emailing, storage, etc.

  8. Buongiorno Andrea, uso dei vecchi strumenti opensource che non supportano le caratteristiche “evolute”. Forse perderò la possibilità di trattare i PDF passati da PDFsam.
    Visto che la possibilità tecnica ce l’hai perche’ rinunciare per l’interfaccia grafica?
    Concordo con te che il “cruscotto” deve essere semplificato, ma non a discapito delle funzionalità. Basterebbe un box normalmente chiuso che uno apre solo quando ha bisogno di funzionalità particolari.

  9. I like the idea of having it default to 1.5 w/ compression. How about a settings page option? That way, users can change it if they need to, but it won’t clutter the PDF creation workflow.

  10. I am fundamentally confused on the new UI. What happened to the graphical display of pages?? Is there a setting where I can get that back? I use that all the time – without it, the program is essentially useless to me. Now, I have to determine the exact pages I want to remove in advance. SO MUCH EASIER TO JUST LOOK AT THE PAGE!! If the UI no longer offers this, it is a monument to illogical and unneeded “progress” that just makes an excellent product now difficult to use and for me, completely useless. I had to find an old version of PDF SAM, which I am now using. What were you thinking?

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