Hi everybody,
I just uploaded the Windows MSI installers (32 and 64 bits) for the enhanced version. The installers allow silent and Active Directory installation. Currently only the PDFsam enhanced version has been ported to MSI installer but with the next release (in about a month) PDFsam basic will have it too. Please report if you find any bug.

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  1. Please get rid of the AVG installation box.
    It is agressive and deliberately confusing and will force many users to install unwanted software.

  2. This is a great tool. I never knew this was possible. It would be very nice if the composition of a merge could be saved for later (re)use.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. PDFsam Basic v3.2.2 Silent Install & Uninstall Syntax…

    The “%~dp0” wildcard means whatever the directory is (UNC included).

    Just make sure you rename your .MSI to the name of your file. (Mine is “PDFsam Basic v3.2.2.msi” in the below example)

    PDFsam Basic v3.2.2 Install:
    msiexec /i “%~dp0PDFsam Basic v3.2.2.msi” /qb /norestart CHECK_FOR_UPDATES=false DONATE_NOTIFICATION=false SKIPTHANKSPAGE=Yes

    PDFsam Basic v3.2.2 Uninstall:
    msiexec.exe /x {AE22AC64-691E-4D7E-99CC-C517AE7F5F7D} /passive /norestart

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